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Featured Product : DEGSON Heavy Duty Connectors

2021-10-20T14:52:02-07:00October 20th, 2021|General|

Degson Heavy Duty Connectors have screw type, crimp type, spring type and axial connection type products.  They can meet electrical and signal connection in different fields and situations.  Mainly used for electrical and signal connection between different equipment and functional units, rich combination methods can simplify wiring difficulties and ensure wiring accuracy even [...]

EPTECH April 2021 – Stream 1 : Connectors and Components, Wire, Harness & Cabling

2021-05-06T13:38:53-07:00April 14th, 2021|General|

For relevant cost saving opportunities for your cable requirements, whether it be accessories or full assemblies, we would be happy to quote your needs. Adels - Lighting Connectors cab - Printers / Product & Cable Identification Printer Demonstration video Chogori – Waterproof-Circular/ Electric Vehicle Cables & Connectors David [...]

Featured Product : USCONEC Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Solutions

2019-05-07T15:51:23-07:00May 7th, 2019|General|

Today’s optical networking components requiring minimal insertion loss and back reflections demand, quick reliable cleaning solutions. Fiber tips containing even trace amounts of debris not only suffer from power degradation but also an increased likelihood of permanent damage when mated. Product variations include a variety of solutions that make it easy to use [...]

EPTECH SEPTEMBER 2021 – Stream 1 & 2: Wearable, Flexible, IOT, Wireless, Test & Measurement, Regulation

2021-09-13T10:58:16-07:00September 9th, 2021|General|

In this volatile market, we look forward to helping our customers cost reduce and streamline their supply chains.  We have a wide variety of products to service the IOT, wearable tech, and wireless industries. S-P International Custom Mouldings Evercom Antennas Connectors Pal Pilot Flex Cable PCB Design SPK Bluetooth [...]


2021-09-28T09:01:02-07:00August 19th, 2021|

SPK was founded in 1987 by Mr. Bor Chung Chang, one of the founders of QUARTEK Technology Co., Ltd., (est. 1976 and renamed QUARTECH) then the largest manufacturer of Quartz Crystals in Taiwan. SPK Electronic Co., Ltd., is an industry veteran with 30 year experience in manufacturing/OEM/ODM electronic components.  Their products support GPS, [...]

Featured Product: KINGFONT’s PowerSpeed Technology

2021-08-25T15:05:47-07:00July 22nd, 2021|General|

Kingfont has invented a new and promising class of connector mating technology named “PowerSpeed”, which has proven to reduce 6.4mm copper mated pair’s electrical resistance by 66% and temperature-rise by 45% when contrasted with the biggest competition in the field.  Characteristic of its patented design of the mating part and the corresponding design [...]


2021-05-11T10:46:35-07:00May 7th, 2021|

PalPilot has over 25 years of experience in the PCB industry.  Their core values are centred around customer service, engineering, manufacturing, and product solutions.  In the beginning, they gained a stellar reputation through PCB Design services and their customers pushed them to help them find solutions for PCB Fabrication, Components, Interconnect, Cables, Packaging [...]


2021-06-01T09:13:29-07:00April 22nd, 2021|

Wellshow Technology manufactures RF coaxial connectors, RF coaxial cables, RF coaxial cable assemblies, WLAN antennas, GPS antennas, GSM antennas and various metal tuned parts.  In recent years, with the rapid growth for wireless devices, RF coaxial connectors , RF cable assembly and antenna now play important roles in wireless signal transmission.  Wellshow has [...]


2021-09-09T15:34:18-07:00April 13th, 2021|General|

VISIT OUR EPTECH BOOTH ON SEPTEMBER 15TH AND BE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED TO WIN A $250 VISA GIFT CARD! To visit our virtual booth click HERE September 15, 2021 Stream 1: Wearable, Flexible, IoT, Wireless Stream 2: Test & Measurement, Regulation June 16, 2021 Steam 1: Enclosures, Metalwork, Thermal Management Stream 2: Power Supplies, [...]

MIMO Array Antenna

2021-06-01T09:17:32-07:00March 31st, 2021|General|

MIMO/ARRAY ANTENNA MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas are being used to increase data transfer rate by arranging multiple antennas in an array formed so that higher loads of data can be simultaneously transmitted and received. S-P International is the authorized manufacturing representative for Evercom Communication Technology.  Evercom has over 40 years of history in providing reliable [...]

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