Charging and discharging plug at the end of electric motorcycle battery, with rated current of 100A~120A; Rated voltage 72V DC; Withstand voltage 1500V AC; Insulation resistance > 500M Ω; Protection grade: IP67 when mated; Mechanical life ≥ 3000 times; Pull out force >20N; Working temperature: – 40 ~ 105 ℃; Salt spray resistance for 72h; Flame retardant grade ul94-v0; Environmental protection:RoHS

Product advantages

☑ Compact structure and high space utilization
☑ Adopt bayonet locking structure to prevent accidental unlocking
☑ Direct plug operation, convenient and fast
☑ Signal pin No.:0~8 pins
☑ Multiple auditory and visual feedback are inserted in place
☑ Beautiful appearance, fit human functional design

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