Our procurement process relies on identifying the right suppliers, negotiating the best contracts, and executing agreements to ensure the best products at the best prices

Our global supply chain capabilities and integrated solutions are customized to each individual customer.  We carefully assess your needs and requirements and take into account both traditional procurement goals such as price, quality, and proximity, but also take into account less traditional concerns such as flexibility and the supply line authenticity.

By understanding the product life cycle of our customers, our procurement staff can focus on reducing costs, accelerating the time to market and streamlining the supply chain process.  This foresight also allows us to plan for unexpected production variables.

We expect nothing but the highest quality standards and performance from our preferred global supplier network

Our supply chain systems allow us to offer competitive pricing and flexibility, while at the same time mitigating inventory risk.  Through consolidated component shipments from our supplier base, we have total control of our total landed costs, lead times, and assurance of supply and technology trends.  This enables us to free up more working capital for our customers.


New Product Introduction (NPI) is the cornerstone of successful companies. Through our comprehensive supply chain services, SP International helps eliminate the hurdles for OEMs in new product design, prototyping, and production. Using streamline software we are able to stay focused on our customer’s timelines and requirements and can adapt to lead-time and engineering changes by implementing fast-track processes for NPI purchasing and logistics.


Choosing a contract manufacturing partner who will provide the best resources and expertise depends entirely on your production goals. Whether you require low cost, high volume runs or high end prototyping, our CM partners around the globe can offer any solution depending on the goals of your company.

Our solutions are tailored specifically for each customer to reduce their time to market and keep them competitive in their respective industries. We work with our customers to prioritize and identify new opportunities for cost reduction while maintaining quality control.


Having been in business for over fifty years, we take great pride in the relationships we build with both our customers and suppliers.  The core of our longevity stems from open communication between all channels and results in providing our customers a smooth and seamless production forecast or in the case of new product development, a seamless time to market.