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    Custom Plastic Molding

    From design and tooling to warehouse, SP-International has all of the necessary resources to decrease the costs of plastic moulding requirements. Our partnership with world class suppliers for tool components, production equipment and raw material, we can facilitate every stage of any custom project.

    Our partnership with our offshore supplier base and our Canadian based warehousing facilities allows us to address all of our clients needs. Anywhere from tooling, manufacturing and inventory we are have the resources to help.

    Whether it is a basic housing module, or a custom item specific to your application, SP-International is here to make the necessary inventory commitment to service your JIT requirements.

    Custom Cable Assembly

    For over 25 years, SP International has provided and assembled the best products for Cable Assemblies and Harnesses, we achieve this through our highly valued partnerships with skilled manufacturers and sophisticated equipment.

    From simplest cable assemblies and harnesses, large box builds, to our high-power industrial cables and harnesses, our state-of-the-art partners are committed to innovations for all stakeholders.

    We offer support from prototype runs to full production quantities and can offer turn key solutions with Material Appropriation and a Controlled Supply Chain.

    Supply Chain Management:

    On top of our contract manufacturing services, SP-International is also able to provide you the complete Supply Chain Management as an added value service! In compliance with the build of materials, S-P International sources, purchases, and stocks all approved products and components, therefore, controlling the entire supply-chain to the Contract Manufacturer.

    It is through this that we are able to absorb lead times and ensure that all completed projects are delivered in a timely manner. We ensure that the timeline we provide is kept on track! By managing the shipping of both the incoming components as well as the finished product, we can provide a total off-shore logistic solution.

    This service allows our customer to leave the entire off-shore production in the hands of one company, and gives them the ability to determine their level of involvement in the production process.