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Base Stations

The 5G NG (New Radio) operates in the wireless band between 28GHz to 60GHz, also the sub 6GHz unlicensed radio frequency will be used.  With a much broader range of radio frequency used and in consolidation, we usually refer to it as millimetre wave or mm-Wave for short. The small cell infrastructure will [...]

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MIMO Array Antenna

MIMO/ARRAY ANTENNA MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas are being used to increase data transfer rate by arranging multiple antennas in an array formed so that higher loads of data can be simultaneously transmitted and received. S-P International is the authorized manufacturing representative for Evercom Communication Technology.  Evercom has over 40 years of history in providing reliable [...]

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Supply Chain Volatility Update

MARCH 11th, 2021 Increased Lead Times for 2021 Expected to Extend Well Into 2022 Delays at ports, scarcity and rising cost of raw materials, production issues, a critical shortage of shipping containers, air freight delays and cost increases, among other continuing challenges are driving longer lead times far more than even expected.   It [...]

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Featured Product : HMR Series SMD High Ohmic Resistors

Sannohm HMR Series SMD resistors are a High Ohmic resistor with values ranging from 110M ohms to 1G ohm.  This makes them ideal for use in any application where extended resistance ranges are needed.  They are the ideal resistor for use in X-ray and radiology equipment, voltage dividers, HI-Z amplifiers and in low [...]

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