Sannohm HMR Series SMD resistors are a High Ohmic resistor with values ranging from 110M ohms to 1G ohm.  This makes them ideal for use in any application where extended resistance ranges are needed.  They are the ideal resistor for use in X-ray and radiology equipment, voltage dividers, HI-Z amplifiers and in low signal amplification circuits.

The HMR Series utilizes multi-layer electrode construction, producing a highly reliable resistor.  Available in both 1/8 watt and 1/4 watt with a 5% tolerance, these SMD resistors are packaged in standard 5K pcs reels but are also available in 10K pcs and 20K pcs reels on request.

All HMR Series Resistors supplied by S-P International are fully RoHS and REACH compliant.