Supply Chain Volatility Update

Supply Chain Volatility Update

NOVEMBER 20th, 2021

Unprecedented Flooding In B.C.

Starting November 13th torrential rain began falling across much of the province.  It broke dozens of all-time rainfall records, dumping nearly a month’s worth of rain on some communities over a 48 hour period.  Rain swamped rivers and farmland across southern B.C., triggered mudslides that blocked every major highway connecting the Lower Mainland to the rest of the country and creating mass flooding and evacuations.  Nearly 20,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes and thousands of farm animals have been lost to the flood.  This has been one of the most severe natural disasters B.C. has experienced, the scope of the damage difficult to comprehend.  Highways and rail have been severely damaged and may take weeks to months to rebuild, disrupted truck and rail movement to and from our port has created a back log of freighters in Vancouver’s harbour.  The impact on the supply chain may be felt for some time.

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SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021

Robust Forecasting Is Key to Managing Supply-Chain Volatility

Forecast models continue to be unreliable, shortages abound, and prices continue to increase.  Although not new, this volatility usually happened at a far lower scale pre-pandemic.  The COVID-led global supply chain disruption continues with no end in sight.

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MARCH 11th, 2021

Increased Lead Times for 2021 Expected to Extend Well Into 2022

Delays at ports, scarcity and rising cost of raw materials, production issues, a critical shortage of shipping containers, air freight delays and cost increases, among other continuing challenges are driving longer lead times far more than even expected.   It will be increasingly imperative for customers to plan well in advance by scheduling out orders, keeping back up stock, maintaining updated stocking agreements, and reviewing requirements very carefully to ensure delivery times can be met.

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JANUARY 5th, 2021

MLCC Shortages and Increased Lead Times for 2021

Increased demand from communication and transportation sectors, driven as well by 5G infrastructure advancements will continue to create MLCC shortages and dramatically increased lead times well into 2021 and beyond.

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