Product Highlight:

DG238 Lighting Connector

Optimize efficiency by simplifying your operation and moving away from timely traditional wiring methods.

  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for Different Conductor Types – Solid, Stranded
  • Flexible Types – 2, 3, 5 poles are most popular, can offer other types eg. 4 poles
  • Double Wiring Holes
  • Wire Range: AWG 22 ∼ 14 AWG
  • Easy to Use – Connect tool free
  • Fast Wiring – Push-In termination technology
  • Electrical Inspection Hole – Easily check electrical status
  • Easy to Test – With test holes at the front and top, easy and quick to test connection on site

Manufacturer Overview:

Founded in 1990, DEGSON is a global solutions provider of electrical, electronic and industrial connectors.

DEGSON’s highly reliable, durable, and quality product offerings serve global customers.  DEGSON has the complete engineering ability to support their customers with professional customization solutions as value-added services.

DEGSON supplies the industry sectors: Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Electric Power, Railway, Marine and Offshore, New Energy, Elevator, Automotive, Lighting, Telecommunication, Power Supply, Security, Machinery, Ship-building, EV Charging, EBIKE and more.

DEGSON’s Philosophy:

“Pragmatic Innovation, Responsibility and Integrity, Harmonious Development, Regulation and Win-Win”