Degson offers a variety of standard M7/ M8/ M12 IEC 61076 interconnect cables and connectors from 3-pin to 12-pin connections.

The cables and bulkhead connectors rating from IP67, IP68 to IP69K, with a wide selection of material choice: PVC, TPU, CAT5E, or low-smoke-zero halogen Cat6A jacketed materials.

Other options for selections include the standard style of coding (A,B,D,S,T,X)/ Push-pull or screw type mating type, shielded or un-shielded, molded fully assembled cable or discrete field assembly in crimp or soldering.


  • Excellent sealing performance, with IP rating up to IP68
  • Used for signal and data transmission, as well as power voltages
  • Various key-coding to ensure correct connections
  • Shielding as an option to provide reliable electromagnetic protection
  • Wire connection comes with crimping or soldering terminations
  • Suitable for continuous shock and vibration environments
  • Connection technology is suitable for all application fields
  • Interchangeable with other M12 series on the market
  • LED illuminated overmold as an option
  • Various configuration on the backshell (straight, right angle, etc.)


  • Outer material: PUR, PVC, LSZH
  • IP-class: IP54, IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69K
  • Coding is optional
  • Shield is optional
  • Wire connection method is optional
  • Compliance with IEC 61076 standard
  • UL Certification (cable): 2517

Coding  Pins        Uses

B             5               Non-Ethernet Fieldbus connections, commonly Profibus DP

D             4              Industrial Ethernet protocols/ Profinet and EtherNet/IP; only Fast Ethernet (100 Mb/s)

X             8              10 Gb/s Ethernet

S              3/4          AC power

T              4              DC power