Featured Manufacturer : SANYO-CAP

S-P International offers a complete line of ceramic capacitor products to meet all customer requirements, in both SMD and through-hole styles under our Sanyo-CAP brand name. For over 50 years, Canadian and worldwide manufacturers have come to depend on S-P International’s Sanyo-CAP brand of ceramic capacitors. Whatever your requirement may be, SMD, MLCC, [...]

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Featured Manufacturers : SANNOHM & SANYO-OHM

S-P International offers a complete line of resistor products to meet all customer requirements, in both SMD and through-hole styles under our Sannohm and Sanyo-OHM brand names. For over 50 years, Canadian and world-wide manufacturers have come to depend on S-P International’s Sannohm and Sanyo-OHM brand resistors.  From the basic 5% carbon film [...]

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Feature: Our Value Added Services

STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT BOM ANALYSIS CUSTOM PLASTIC MOULDING CUSTOM CABLE ASSEMBLY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Strategic Procurement Our procurement process relies on identifying the right suppliers, negotiating the best contracts, and executing agreements to ensure the best products at the best prices. We take into account both traditional procurement goals such as price, quality, and [...]

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Featured Product : HOONSUN EMC Cable Gland

EMC connectors can reduce the signal interference especially when the environment has a strong magnetic field. Benefits: Shields Sensitive Electronic Components – The glands protect the electrical equipment from electromagnetic interference, ensuring there is no loss of electromagnetic protection integrity at the interconnection or termination point. Material:  Nickel-plated brass Claw:  PA66(Nylon), UL94-V2 Hermetic [...]

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Featured Product : STEINEL Electrostatic Discharge Heat Gun

Professional ESD Heat Gun HG 2320 ESD The HG 2320 ESD is suitable for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA). ESD (electrostatic discharge) is the transfer of an electric charge that takes place when two objects that have been charged to different electric potentials, or have different electric potentials due to static induction, are brought into [...]

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Featured Product : STEINEL Heat Gun Electronics Kit

Professional Heat Gun Electronics Kit HG 2320 E This cutting-edge technology is designed for power and results. The HG 2320 E generates an impressive 1,600 watts of power and delivers hot air between 120 and 1,200°F. With a variety of professional grade features, the HG 2320 E is an excellent choice for working [...]

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Featured Product : STEINEL Mobile Heat Gun

Professional Cordless Heat Gun Mobile Heat 3 with Case, 8.0 Ah Battery & Charger Item no. 110084904 The Mobile Heat Series are industrial cordless, battery-operated heat tools designed specifically for Professionals. Handle maintenance and repair work with no generator needed. The MH3 provides two temperature settings (570 or 930°F) with an airflow rate [...]

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