Featured Product : T-GLOBAL TG-S606P Silicone Thermal Grease

TG-S606P is an ultra high performance silicone grease.  It has a thermal conductivity of 8 W/mK, superior wetting characteristics, resulting in a very low thermal resistance and excellent long term reliability. Features Good thermal conductivity Easy to assemble High stability Does not harden with time Applications Electronic components: IC, CPU, MOS LED, M/B, [...]

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Featured Product : T-GLOBAL XL-25 Ceramic Heat Spreader

T-Global Technology’s XL-25 heat spreaders and heat sinks are an aluminium nitride ceramic boasting very high thermal conductivities of approximately 200W/mk.  They are non-toxic, have a high operating temperature limit and also strong electrical isolation properties.  They are good for designs with limited space and have a low thermal expansion coefficient.  The addition [...]

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Featured Manufacturer : T-GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY

T-Global Technology are experts in and a leading supplier of advanced thermal management solutions for a variety of industries.  They design, develop and manufacture their own range of interface materials based on the stringent needs of their key markets.  From their European and Asian locations they offer design support, rapid sampling and full [...]

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EPTECH SEPTEMBER 2021 – Stream 1 & 2: Wearable, Flexible, IOT, Wireless, Test & Measurement, Regulation

In this volatile market, we look forward to helping our customers cost reduce and streamline their supply chains.  We have a wide variety of products to service the IOT, wearable tech, and wireless industries. S-P International Custom Mouldings Evercom Antennas Connectors Pal Pilot Flex Cable PCB Design SPK Bluetooth [...]

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Featured Product: T-GLOBAL’s Thermoelectric Cooling Chip

T-Global's thermoelectric cooling chips actively cool, mainly using the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials.  When direct current passes through two different semiconductor materials in series, the two ends of the couple can absorb heat and release heat respectively, which can accurately control the temperature and achieve the purpose of refrigeration or cooling. Key [...]

2021-08-29T11:40:50-07:00August 25th, 2021|General|

Featured Product: LINCOLN 7″ Touchscreen Ultra Bright LCD157 Display

Lincoln Technology Services has launched a new Ultra Bright Touchscreen 7" UWXGA display (LCD157-070CTL1ARNTTR1.0) It's higher resolution, higher contrast ratio, higher brightness at 2500cd/m2 and more, is making it a game changer in the 7" variants. Capabilities: High Brightness, High Contrast 1200 x 1920 Resolution 2500 Nits 76% NTSC Colour 1500:1 Contrast Ratio [...]

2021-08-18T12:00:08-07:00August 16th, 2021|General|

Featured Product: KINGFONT’s PowerSpeed Technology

Kingfont has invented a new and promising class of connector mating technology named “PowerSpeed”, which has proven to reduce 6.4mm copper mated pair’s electrical resistance by 66% and temperature-rise by 45% when contrasted with the biggest competition in the field.  Characteristic of its patented design of the mating part and the corresponding design [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON PCB Dual-Lever Spring Technology Terminal Blocks

DEGSON's PCB terminal blocks with innovative Dual-Lever Spring termination can connect various types of wires: solid, stranded and flexible. Features: Dual-Lever Spring patented technology, easy and comfortable operation Push-in spring connection, excellent anti-vibration performance, tool free Self-locking snap design, providing a more reliable connection without increasing the space on both sides Levers status [...]

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EPTECH JUNE 2021 – Stream 1 & 2: Enclosures, Metalwork & Thermal Management / Power Supplies, Power Management & Batteries

We have the ability to offer cost saving solutions for your custom plastic enclosures and metalwork, plus a range of manufacturers to source and supply your thermal management, power and battery requirements. Enclosures, Metalwork, Thermal Management S-P International Custom Metalwork L Bracket (Product Example) Custom Enclosures MACH-ProView (Product Example) MACH-ProZone (Product [...]

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We Stand In Solidarity …

We stand in solidarity with all Indigenous peoples of Canada and with Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation for sharing this truth, and we mourn the loss of these 215 children and all those who never made it home from residential schools. We acknowledge this tragedy and the history of injustices inflicted upon our Indigenous [...]

2021-06-09T12:19:08-07:00June 1st, 2021|General|
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