Featured Product : ITALTRONIC 15M Modulbox XTS

MODULBOX is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 1 up to 15) for electronic products.  MODULBOX XT - MODULBOX XTSenclosures offer a wide range of matching options and possibilities which may satisfy any particular or specific Customers’ need giving to theproduct a unique and personalized shape.  They are characterized by the possibility [...]

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Featured Manufacturer : ITALTRONIC

Italtronic Enclosures for Electronics Guardians of Your Electronics Italtronic is a global leader in the production of plastic enclosures for electronics that combine function, design and high tech.  From standard solutions to fully customized enclosures and from small productions to the supply of millions of components, they can serve any client's needs. You’ll [...]

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Featured Product : TECHFLEX Specialty Sleeving Solutions

The sleeving and wraps in the Techflex® Specialty category are engineered to be application specific, created out of needs that arose within particular industries, such as aerospace, military, film and TV production, and many others. Techflex® designed these uniquely engineered solutions based on individual customer specifications. The various products in the Specialty category [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON EV Chargers

DEGSON charging cables and socket outlets are safe and reliable in operation.  Both product offerings have been approved by UL and TUV.  The modern ergonomic design is easy and comfortable to handle. AC EV chargers can provide convenient and safe home charging to individual users of electric vehicles with their vehicle charging connector, [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON M12 Circular Connector Series

Degson offers a variety of standard M7/ M8/ M12 IEC 61076 interconnect cables and connectors from 3-pin to 12-pin connections. The cables and bulkhead connectors rating from IP67, IP68 to IP69K, with a wide selection of material choice: PVC, TPU, CAT5E, or low-smoke-zero halogen Cat6A jacketed materials. Other options for selections include the [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON IO Module

DEGSON's I/O products are widely used in electrical control cabinets and industrial computers.  DEGSON can replace the products of Beckoff, Siemens, Weidmuller, Wago and other counterparts.  DEGSON also offers a quick turnaround time. IP20 Bus Coupler IP20 protection grade, integrated power function, 10/100Mbs transfer rate Digital Module Digital input and output modules 8 [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail Series DIN Rail products have DS, DC, WS, and PC type, in total 4 series.  Push-In type, steel cage type, cage clamp type and brass cage type connections are available, product design conforms to IEC/EN60947, UL 1059 and CSA C22.2 NO.158 international standard.  They are widely applied in Industrial Automation, Electric [...]

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Featured Product : TECHFLEX Advanced Engineering Sleeving Solutions

ADVANCED ENGINEERING SLEEVING SOLUTIONS The Advanced Engineering category from Techflex® features braided sleeving composed of cutting-edge materials that perform in high-tech capacities for aviation, aerospace, electronic, automotive, telecom, biomedical, military, marine and other applications. Many of these sleeving products are inherently flame retardant while resisting abrasions, cuts, high temperatures, solvents, moisture, fuels, acids, [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON Heavy Duty Connectors

With the development of miniaturization of Heavy Duty Connectors, DEGSON has recently launched the: DQ-4/2 (442 poles) DQ-008 (8 poles) DQ-017 (17 poles) Features: Save more than 30% of installation costs; Compact structure design, saving 30% -40% installation space; Pre-installation and in-factory debugging can be realized convenient and quick; Operating temperature range -40 [...]

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Featured Product : DEGSON EBIKE Connector

Charging and discharging plug at the end of electric motorcycle battery, with rated current of 100A~120A; Rated voltage 72V DC; Withstand voltage 1500V AC; Insulation resistance > 500M Ω; Protection grade: IP67 when mated; Mechanical life ≥ 3000 times; Pull out force >20N; Working temperature: - 40 ~ 105 ℃; Salt spray resistance [...]

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