DEGSON is deeply involved in the energy connection solution & energy storage solution industry.
Here are some of their newest products:

Features & Products:

  • New Energy Through-Wall Connector Solution
    • Power Transmission
      • Barrier Through-Wall Connector
      • Euro Pluggable Through-Wall Connector
      • Card Type Through-Wall Connector
    • Signal Transmission
      • Crimp Through-Wall Connector
      • Screw/Sprint Type Through-Wall Connector
      • Through-Wall Circular Connector
    • Data Transmission
      • Through-Wall RJ45 Network Port Connector
      • Through-Wall Communication Connector
  • Positive Pole In Red And Negative Pole In Black With Two In And One-out Structure = Easy Parallel Connection For Residential Energy Storage Batteries
  • Easy Connection Metal Parts
  • ES-K-350 Energy Storage Battery System Through Wall Connector
  • New Energy PCB Connection Solution; DLS Double Lever Spring Connection Technology
  • SNAP-LOCK Crimp Series Pluggable Connectors
  • High Protection Terminal Blocks
  • Water And Fire Proof, 100m High Protection RJ45 Communication Connector
  • Pluggable Energy Storage System Signal Connectors
  • Barrier Through-wall Terminals Blocks