The newest MXC® optical interconnect solutions utilize the expanded-beam MT technology to provide cutting-edge high-density interconnection. It provides a direct card edge interface to embedded optical engines for a wide variety of equipment interface applications.

Optec certified by USConec as an approved manufacturer to provide fully-customized fiber assemblies using the newest MXC® connector. Our MXC® to LC fanout assembly is a convenient solution allows conversion from the MXC® interface to individual LC for connections to QSFP or other active optical modules.


Cutting-edge high-density
– 132 MXCTM receptacle fit into a 19″ 1U panel, increase 40% faceplate space and 59% PCB area

Less sensitive to debris and contamination
– Recessed ferrule with expanded-beam MT technology

Reduces cost, complexity and footprint
– Eliminated the traditional adapter and reduced component count

High flexibility in operation and installation
– Convenient conversion from MXC®interface to LC/PC for connecting QSFP or other active optical modules

Terabit per second bandwidth capability
– 64 fibers each transferring data at 25Gbps, allowing 1.b TBit/s per connector

Example:Item Description: MXC-Plug to LC/PC fanout, 24-fiber, OM3, Mini-core Cable