“We are your fiber optic solutions partner”

Optec is a leading provider of fiber termination solutions.

Optec manufactures customized optical interconnect, fiber cable assemblies and structured cabling solutions that serve extensive optical network applications. Their comprehensive range of high performance fiber assembly products fulfill their customers’ cabling needs for high density, high bandwidth, and high scalability.

Optec offers patching solutions, highly customized and highly specialized on-board optics (OBO) fiber assemblies and lens-type connector assemblies.

A strong emphasis on customer collaboration, high performance technology, engineering excellence, quality and reliability standards, cements their reputation as a leading fiber termination solution house.

Through their extensive experience, engineering excellence, and innovative new technology, they are able to magnify the outcome of the projects for their customers, helping them outperform the competition in a cost effective manner.

Optec serves data centers & enterprise networks, industrial & transportation networks, public networks as well as telecom and FTTx networks.

Multifiber Engineering Excellence:

When it comes to the tiniest fiber termination and assembly, Optec knows engineering and efficiency are key.  The Optec approach to solving fiber termination challenges is rooted in their engineering expertise and customer oriented mind-set.

Precision Fiber Cleaving

Fiber cleaving is an important technique in the area of fiber optics.  Through Optec’s precision engineering process and state-of-the-art set-up, they ensure every fiber cleaving creates a perfectly flat end-face or a well-defined angle against the fiber axis, subsequently creating a superior low loss condition for the end-product.

Sound Engineering Judgments & Unique Engineering Process

Their engineering experts examine every integrative step of the production process on different levels, assessing every unique situation and using sound engineering principles, drawing sound conclusions for economical and reliable works on real production.   

Proprietary Production ‘Know How’

Their ability to manufacture better performing products with same materials and different cost structures creates great cost saving benefits to their customers and ensures the highest efficiency is achieved.

Manufacturing Excellence:

World Class Production And Testing Facilities

Optec’s selection of all equipment must meet the international well-recognized and proven top-class precision quality, ensuring products with the highest quality & specification demand.

Unique Shop-Floor Design

Their production team and shop-floor are uniquely designed to flexibly cater to either a small volume independent work cell operation, or a large volume batch production system.  This setup requires multiple project management capabilities and a comprehensive people training system, helping customers meet challenging & dynamic market conditions.

Manufacturing Process Surpassing Competitors

The R&D and Manufacturing Team work closely together to develop a product that can be manufactured at a cost and level of quality that will ensure customer success.  They routinely find ways to improve their processes, so that they can make better quality products or in a more cost effective manner.

Commitment To Continuously Upgrade Their Facilities

Optec’s capacity for scalability accommodates the business growth and short lead-time cycle of their customers.

They continuously invest in a controlled dust-free workshop Class 10,000 ISO-7, eliminating any possible contamination on end-face of MT connectors and other board-mounted lens type connectors, which could significantly impact testing performance.

Experience In Numbers:

  • 15 Years of Engineering Excellence
  • 75 Million fiber terminations accumulated since founded
  • 50 Million meters of fiber cables consumed in the last 5 years
  • 30 countries

In The News:

Optec Technology Limited (Kam Yuen Group) won the 2021-2022 Equipment and Machinery Design Certificate of Merit​ by Hong Kong Awards for Industries. (Read more here)

The innovation and competitiveness of the Self-developed Optical Fibre Routing Machine with Automatic Polarity Guide have been recognized. (More here)