Timing Pulleys and belts are designed to transmit the rotational motion by the motor.  The advantage is the transmission can ease the impact of the load, and moving smoothly, will lower noise and lower vibration.  With an easy structure and convenient to adjust, it also has the function to protect overload especially when there is a big range between the two transmission shafts.

Application Industries

Applications are found in everyday devices such as smart electric curtains, automatic doors, food machines, sewing machines, printing machines, textile machines, business machines, measuring equipment, and plastic injection machines.  Large-scale processing equipment such as packaging machines, medical equipment and elevators that require positioning requirements, also equipment commonly used for transportation purposes.


With the development of high precision and high speed, the requirements for positioning precision have become higher, and they are:

  • General torque transmission: suitable for transmission and light load transfer
  • High torque transmission
  • High precision positioning
  • Light load transmission for general torque transmission: suitable for trapezoidal toothed timing pulleys for transmission, also for transmission applications
  • High load transmission: suitable for timing pulleys for high load transmission,  Allowable Tensionv is 1.3 times the T-type
  • Up to 21 types of teeth to choose from
  • Material selection: the main material is aluminium and medium carbon steel S45C
  • Surface treatment: white anode, black anode, hard anode, electroless nickel, dyed black
  • Lead time: all parts are in stock and can be shipped within 5 working days after the customer selects the type of product required
  • Chase processing: the product can be processed afterwards, including changing the angle of the stop screw, additional side tapping holes, additional side penetration holes, flangeless/single flange/flange cutting, changing the size of the tapping hole, and changing the length of the set screw

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