HEADWAY is a trusted professional manufacturer of more than 580,000 automation precision components.  HEADWAY’s main product are precision mold components and factory automation components and their product profile includes press mold and plastic mold components, precision-grade gears, worm gears and bearings.  They can provide standard or customized products with no MOQs.

Concept Vision :

Deliver on time, in client’s budget, & exceed client’s expectation.

Brand Value :

Commitment, Quality, Partnership. 

Every client is a partner.  Every component is a promise.

With locations in Taiwan, Tokyo, and Shanghai, HEADWAY has been committed to becoming a Taiwan brand of precision components in the field of factory automation components.  There is no brand like HEADWAY with its mature and refined processing capabilities, and the advantage of more than 20 years of OEM experience for the European and global market.
HEADWAY prides themselves on their core social responsibilities.
Social Responsibilities:
Create a good living environment, protect the earth’s ecology, and promise myself to give my family a sustainable and bright future.
Energy recycling, creating environmental friendly, zero carbon emissions.
With this belief system, HEADWAY knows that it has a huge responsibility and is constantly working on any opportunity to be better.

The number of solar panels installed at HEADWAY is 322, with a total capacity of 99.82 KW, which can be used by HEADWAY for self-sufficiency, while shading the sun and blocking the heat source, significantly reducing electricity consumption.