DIN Rail Series

DIN Rail products have DS, DC, WS, and PC type, in total 4 series.  Push-In type, steel cage type, cage clamp type and brass cage type connections are available, product design conforms to IEC/EN60947, UL 1059 and CSA C22.2 NO.158 international standard.  They are widely applied in Industrial Automation, Electric Power, Rail Transport and New Energy Industries.

DS Series – With nickel-chromium stainless steel springs, excellent corrosion resistance, anti-vibration, anti-loose, maintenance free.  Push-in connection technology for tool free, convenient, and fast wiring.  Wire cross-section range from 0.2mm to 16mm.  Equipped with dual-channel bridge wells, circuit connection testing is more flexible.  Unique plug-in bridge and high circuit connection efficiency.

DC Series – Steel cage structure, excellent contact force, Sn plated copper alloy conductor to ensure low contact resistance and good air tightness.  Wire range is from 0.2mm to 35mm.

PC Series – Brass cage structure, suitable for harsh environmental applications such as high humidity, salt mist, etc.  Wire range is from 0.2mmm to 95mm.  Fuse type and other functional terminal blocks are available, low voltage drop.

WS Series – Suitable for solid wire, stranded wire, fine-stranded wire, fine-stranded wire with ferrule or immersion-Tin wire.  Wire range is from 0.2mm to 35mm.  Spring-cage connection technology, good vibration resistance performance, use an ordinary screwdriver to easily install and disassemble the wire, unique plug-in bridge, high circuit connection efficiency.

Users can freely choose and combine:

  • Push-In DIN-Rail TB – Tool-free fast wiring, saving time and effort
  • Spring-Cage Type DIN-Rail TB – Spring-cage connection technology, good vibration resistance performance
  • Screw Type DIN-Rail TB – Safe and reliable, single-strand, multi-strand and other wires can be connected
  • Accessory – The accessories are widely used in various industries with corresponding DIN-Rail TB
  • Marking & Installation – Various printing content can be met according to customer needs