The Advanced Engineering category from Techflex® features braided sleeving composed of cutting-edge materials that perform in high-tech capacities for aviation, aerospace, electronic, automotive, telecom, biomedical, military, marine and other applications. Many of these sleeving products are inherently flame retardant while resisting abrasions, cuts, high temperatures, solvents, moisture, fuels, acids, chemicals and additional challenges.

Engineered to Exact Specifications and Tight Tolerances

Cutting-Edge Braided Sleeves for High-Tech Applications

  • Clean Cut Flame Retardant – Easy Fray Resistant Cutting
  • Flexo Ultimate FR – Meets More Specs and Standards
  • Flexo Flame Retardant – Ideal for Electronic Applications
  • F6 Woven Wrap Flame Retardant – Woven Design Installs Easily
  • F6X – Meet Your Aviation Specs
  • Flexo F6 Flame Retardant – Ideal for Existing Harnesses
  • Felxo TightWeave FR – Fuller Coverage & Resistance
  • Helix2 – Made of PPS & Peek
  • Flexo Halar – Low Outgassing & High Temp Resistance
  • Flexo PFA – Ideal for Aviation & Aerospace
  • Flexo PPS – Ultra Light Weight
  • Peek – V-0 Flammability Rating
  • Aramid Armor – Braided with Aramid Fibers
  • Flexo KV – Soft & Pliable Material
  • Flexo NX – Hight Tensile Strength
  • Vectran – Liquid Crystal Polymer
  • Flexo Poly-Pro – Ultra Flexible Sleeve
  • Flexo Wrap Flame Retardant – Hook & Loop Closure