Bliss Yih Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the leading flexible conduit and connector manufacturer in Taiwan.  For these liquid tight flexible conduit types: A2066, R2066, S2066, the main differences for these three types are the cable jackets and the temperature of PVC.

Liquid-tight Flexible Steel Conduit (UL Listed)
Product ID: A2066

Bliss liquid-tight flexible steel conduit type A2066 is UL listed and guarantees durability and safety as the best choice for flexible conduits on the market. These flexible metal conduits can be used in a wide range of applications, including lighting, communications, air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems and so on. Bliss flexible conduits provide safety to your living environment, working place and construction facilities.

Flexible conduits can also solve problems found within wiring and pipeline constructions.

Available in different sizes, this flexible metallic conduit has been approved as a terminal connector, for example, a flexible conduit connector, and applicable to NEC hazardous classified location CI DII.

Flexible Conduit (Liquid-tight Steel / UL & cULus Listed)
Product ID: R2066

Advanced Bliss liquid-tight flexible conduit R2066 not only is UL & cULus listed but also conforms to EU RoHS Directive. It guarantees durability and safety and is environment-friendly. Flexible metal conduits can be installed in various applications, such us lighting systems, communication systems, air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems, and machinery and so on. Bliss Flexible conduits provide safe working space and construction facilities with vibration-proof and anti-interference performance. Flexible conduits can also offer better wiring and pipeline managements.

Hi-Low Liquid-tight Flexible Steel Conduit (UL & cULus Listed)
Product ID: S2066
Bliss Hi-Low temperature flexible metal conduit offers a wide application range for demanding environments.  From a refrigerator with freezing temperatures which may cause embrittlement or a steel mill with a very hot working environment which may cause other conduits to soften, Bliss Hi-Low temperature PVC coating is durable and sustainable for long term use.