Featured Product : DEGSON M8, M12 Series Data Connectors

M8, M12 Series Data Connectors The M8D-Code, M12D-Code and M12X-Code series enable secure and reliable data transmission, enabling solutions and customization for a variety of common network connections. Compliant with IEC 61076 standards, with global universality.  They conform to CAT5E/CAT6A data transmission requirements and are ideal for 1 GB to 10 GB Ethernet [...]

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Featured Manufacturer – DEGSON

Founded in 1990, DEGSON is a global solutions provider of electrical, electronic and industrial connectors.  As a National high-tech enterprise, DEGSON owns the UL and VDE certified laboratory and the company achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34, ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management system certifications. DEGSON is engaged in supplying highly reliable and durable products to serve [...]

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Featured Product Line : TECHFLEX Extreme Temperature Sleeving

The Techflex® High Temperature category is designed to withstand high temperature environments, providing thermal protection in wire harnesses, engine manifolds, exhaust systems, fuel lines, industrial hose applications, welding and automotive applications, heaters, resistors, spark plug wiring, civilian and military aircraft and other environments where temperatures soar. State-of-the-Art, High-Temp Material Engineering for Extreme Temperatures, [...]

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Featured Product : ROCKTECH 7.0 inch TFT 1024 x 600

7.0 inch TFT module, 1024 x 600 pixels with LED backlight & IPS all viewing angle technology Display Mode: Normally Black Transmissive Viewing Direction: Free IPS Input Signals: LVDS 6/8 bits Outside Dimensions (mm): 164.9 (W) x 100 (H) x 2.8 (D) Active Area (mm): 154.21 (W) × 85.92 (H) Number of Pixels: [...]

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Featured Product : ROCKTECH 1.28 inch TFT 240 x 240

1.28 inch TFT module, 240 x 240 pixels with LED backlight, round shape & IPS all viewing angle technology Display Mode: Normally Black Transmissive Viewing Direction: Free IPS Input Signals: SPI Outside Dimensions: 35.6 (H) x 37.74 (V) Active Area: 32.4 (H) x 32.4 (W) Number of Pixels: 240 × RGB × 240 [...]

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NEW Product : TECHFLEX Red Flexo®F6®

The latest in split sleeving is coming!  Red Flexo® F6® will be available soon. Techflex's popular Flexo® F6® is a split tube, semi-rigid braided sleeving, know for its abilities to slip over existing wire harnesses with ease.  Now that it's available in red, it is useful for colour coding and to increase the [...]

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Featured Product : ROCKTECH 4.3 inch TFT 480*272

4.3 inch TFT module, 480 x 272 pixels with LED backlight & IPS all viewing angle technology Display Mode: Normally Black Transmissive Brightness: 500 nits luminance Viewing Direction: FREE Input Signals: RGB 24 bit Outside Dimensions: 105.5 (W) x 67.2 (H) x 2.95 (D) Active Area: 95.04mm (W) × 53.86mm (H) Number of [...]

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Featured Manufacturer : ROCKTECH

Rocktech Displays Limited was established in 2008 and has been committed to TFT  technology & Android smart solutions with consistent concentration and dedication since then. They have two LCD factories in Guangdong mainly focusing on TFT-LCD design, manufacture and customized total solution. They offer qualified and competitive TFT-LCD modules from 1.0″ to 15″, [...]

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NEW Product : PIHER Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors with Integrated Connector

Extending their line-up of non-contact sensors, Piher Sensing Systems introduces the HRP series of Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensor with integrated connector. With 360-degree endless rotation, flange mounting for easy positioning, configurable angular ranges from 50 to 360 degrees, different pin-out options and support for low and high-voltage power supply, design engineers can leverage [...]

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