Professional Heat Gun Electronics Kit

HG 2320 E

This cutting-edge technology is designed for power and results. The HG 2320 E generates an impressive 1,600 watts of power and delivers hot air between 120 and 1,200°F. With a variety of professional grade features, the HG 2320 E is an excellent choice for working on heat-sensitive objects.

  • Higher durability (+20%)
  • Optimized weight balance
  • Toggle controlled temperature change for total precision
  • LCD display & residual heat indicator
  • Heat build-up warning
  • 4 programmable settings
  • Available in ESD version for electrostatically sensitive areas
  • LOC locking function for all tool settings
  • Variety of push-on nozzles
  • Full range of accessories
  • Optimal temperature scanner
  • Fine dust filter
  • Electronics Kit: Contains HG 2320 E Heat Gun and includes accessories for heat shrink tubing, connectors and de-soldering circuit boards.
    • Heavy Duty Case
    • 9 mm Reducer Nozzle
    • 39 mm Reflector Nozzle
    • 14 mm Reflector Nozzle
    • 9 mm Reflector Nozzle