Made by STEINEL. Made in Europe.

STEINEL is a global organization dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology for sensor-controlled lighting and delivery of controlled heat. Professionals have come to expect the superior performance, reliability and value only an industry leader can provide.  Since STEINEL was founded in 1959, the highest standards in design, manufacturing and service have made the STEINEL name synonymous worldwide for quality, craftmanship and innovation.

From Concept To Installation

Being a heat tool technology leader, specializing in heat guns and soldering irons, is STEINEL’s driving force. In addition to design and functionality, 100% testing ensures the quality of STEINEL products. Not only is each finished product tested, every component is examined well before final assembly. Beyond the factory, STEINEL is committed to superior customer service and technical support to create a true partnership with the professionals who specify and use our products.

German Quality Made in Europe

Development, manufacturing, testing and training is all done by STEINEL: “German Quality made in Europe” that’s what the STEINEL name stands for.  From A to Z, STEINEL Professional does everything itself: with 1,200 members of staff, its own team of over 70 physicists, engineers and electronics experts, its own development laboratories in Switzerland and in Germany.  The result is a uniquely broad range of technologies in line with demand.
This brand quality is ensured by:
  • Precision manufacturing facilities at five locations in Europe
  • Research and development
  • Training Centre
  • Making their own tools and prototypes
  • Producing their own electronics, plastics and injection mouldings
  • Providing their own warehousing logistics from picking to worldwide shipment
  • Providing support from their own sales representatives and service hot line


Development centres in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland and having all products manufactured at the company’s own factories in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova; “Made in Europe” is one the keys to success for STEINEL.

Since 1959 they have registered more than 300 patents, designs and models for their inventions.  These have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind.  Some have even revolutionized entire segments.


“With our invention of the world’s first sensor light in 1987, we practically redefined light”.

The fact that it only switches on when it is actually needed was new at the time and a real revolution.  And a sign against waste of energy and resources.  Steinel has continued to consistently pursue this idea over time.  As an Inventors’ company, STEINEL has since come up with many intelligent solutions that bring the concepts of efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability to life.

“But we want and need more.  The consequences of climate change are felt by us all and show us – we all have a responsibility to protect our environment and our living space. 

At STEINEL, we see it as our corporate and social responsibility to live sustainability – as a company that develops and produces its own products, as an employer and training company and as part of the economy and society.”

In the area of sustainability they apply the ESG principle. In the field ‘Environment’ they provide insight into the environmental aspects of the sustainability strategy with regard to energy efficiency, environmental and climate protection.  For example, their switch to plastic-free packaging.  Under Social Responsibility’, occupational safety, education and training, diversion and community engagement.  Sustainable corporate governance with regard to transparent management and control processes can be found at ‘Governance’.