DIN rail (EN 60715) mounting enclosures for industrial device


RAILBOX VERTICAL & MULTILEVEL is a unique and innovative enclosure designed to give a product a new aesthetic and highly technological look and is suitable for electronic equipment on DIN rail (EN 60715). The enclosure is mounted vertically, saving space.  To meet our customer’s needs, the following special features were designed: various modular sizes from 17.5 mm to a max of 45 mm thickness, easy-assembling without screws, breakable hole covers (as needed), internal adaptor for the insertion of smaller PCBs in the enclosure, panels and front covers.  An expansion spacer is available to increase the size and allow the insertion of additional PCBs.

Technical specs

Material     Blend PC/ABS self-extinguishing
Colour     Green, Dark Grey, Grey, Special colour on request
Sizes      17.5, 22.5, 35, 45


Din rail compatible