Italtronic Enclosures for Electronics

Guardians of Your Electronics

Italtronic is a global leader in the production of plastic enclosures for electronics that combine function, design and high tech.  From standard solutions to fully customized enclosures and from small productions to the supply of millions of components, they can serve any client’s needs.

You’ll find us in the small everyday gestures, in the heart that powers digital innovation. We are the custodians of delicate technological mechanisms that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Turning on lights with your voice, controlling a robotic arm, tuning a car radio, surfing the web: at the heart of these endless daily actions is an electronic infrastructure that makes them work.  Italtronic takes pride in the design and build of the protective enclosures around the delicate components that support technological progress.

Technology, Service & Excellence

The solutions we design and produce are the result of our will to transfer all the excellence of our products to our customers.

An in-depth knowledge of plastics, as well as the ability to interpret market requirements and respond to the most specific needs, is how Italtronic continues to affirm their status as industry leaders on a daily basis.

An evolved and ever-changing supply chain, combining the most modern Industry 4.0 management processes with decades of experience to get the most out of technology and people.

They work side by side with our customers to find the best solution and always guarantee a high quality, competitive product with excellent performance.


Where micro makes the biggest difference…

From the smallest container to the most complex panels, from standard solutions to customized designs, Italtronic takes care of every stage of the production right down to the tiniest detail to ensure a top quality response at all times.

They offer a product catalogue to meet all DIN rail and panel mounting requirements.  In addition, thanks to an efficient and flexible production process that combines technical reliability and personalized finishing touches, and their extensive experience in the field of plastic processing, they are able to design and produce all kinds of highly customized solutions.

They work closely with customers in the aesthetic and technical personalization of their products at every stage of the project, because “quality is a challenge that can only be won if we join forces.  Only by combining technical expertise and high expectations can we continue to make products that make a difference worldwide.”

Research & Development

Much more than just a department: a real philosophy…

Our company is fully committed to achieving innovation. A true philosophy that extends from our R&D department to the work of our employees, in their motivation and their everyday approach.

We are visionaries by nature, innovators by vocation and in constant pursuit of the next technological breakthrough.

An approach that is reflected in every step of the production chain, from the research performed on materials to production techniques, from the reuse of production waste to new applications for their products.

Environmental Stewardship

The entire supply chain follows rigid protocols and regulations to guarantee full respect for the environment and natural resources.  They have supplemented natural resources management based on the circular economy to reducing the energy consumption of systems and lighting.  The use of innovative materials and methods allows them to then consider production waste as a new resource and to minimize, year after year, the environmental impact, as certified by their Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Industrial District

Quality 100 percent made in Veneto

Italtronic is a 100% Italian company, born and raised in one of the most efficient and productive industrial districts in the world.  The entire production chain is concentrated between Padua, Treviso and Vicenza, a choice that today allows them to proudly represent one of their country’s greatest excellences all over the world.

Their products are market leaders in all 5 continents.  A global presence deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial vision and industrial initiative of their homeland.


• Enclosures for electronic and industrial equipment to mount on DIN rails
• Enclosures for built-in electronic equipment
• Enclosures for home automation, built-ins and wall mountings
• Enclosures for DIN rails with integrated terminal blocks
• Modular supports for electronic boards to mount on DIN rails
• Enclosures for embedded boards to mount on DIN rails
• Enclosures with plugs for octal and undecal base sockets for electronic equipment

• Adjustable
• For high volumes
• Easily personalized

Milling and Cutting
• CNC machines
• Latest-generation pantographs with system automation

Printing Services
• Digital UV
• Pad printing
• Screen printing
• Laser
• Painting

Logistic Services
• Packaging
• Storing
• Delivery