5G NR (High Speed & Optical Cable at the Base Station)

In conventional RAN (Radio Access Network), the base-band unit (BBU) is located near the base stations.  Large numbers of base-band units are required to be deployed.  The C-RAN – Cloud (Centralized) Radio Access Network is a technology developed during the 4G LTE networks.  In C-RAN, the base-band units (BBU) are located at the centralized processing station and connected to the Antenna using RF cabling.

With the latest 5G, NR (New Radio) BTS (Base Station) is referred to as “gNB” and can be divided into two physical entities named CU (Centralized Unit) and DU (Distributed Unit).  CU provides support for the higher layers of the protocol stack such as SDAP, PDCP, and RRC; while the DU provides support for the lower layers of the protocol stack such as RLC, MAC, and physical layer.  The RDU is connected to the BTS or gNB station using fiber optic cables.

S-P International partners with optical cable manufacturers such as Optec Technology representing them within the Canadian Market.  Optec Technology provides the 5G NR (New Radio) fiber assemblies with years of experience serving global customers within the Telecom, Data Centers, Enterprise Networks, and Industrial Networks.  Optec Technology has a vast product portfolio in Optical Interconnect Solutions that range from simple LC to LC patch cords, MTP optical components to complex On-Board-Optical Solutions, Active Optical Cables, and Fiber Optic Enclosures.

S-P International also represents David Electronics (DAEC) with its extensive portfolio of high-speed cabling solutions.  DAEC is at the forefront of the market with their high-speed cabling solutions and product portfolio ranging from the 10G/b SPF+ to the 100G/b QSFP 28 DAC (Direct Attach Copper) for up to 5 meters.  DAEC also provides cable assembly solutions for internal & external HD mini-SAS (SFF-8643, SFF8644) for storage application, and CX4 Infinite Band for the High-Performance Computing Application.