SPK was founded in 1987 by Mr. Bor Chung Chang, one of the founders of QUARTEK Technology Co., Ltd., (est. 1976 and renamed QUARTECH) then the largest manufacturer of Quartz Crystals in Taiwan.

SPK Electronic Co., Ltd., is an industry veteran with 30 year experience in Manufacturing/OEM/ODM electronic components.  Their products support GPS, GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, notebook, e-book, cellular phone, Wireless LAN, mobile communication, audio products and medical equipment.  SPK’s frequency controlled products encompass Quartz crystal units/Crystal Oscillators, VCXO/TCXO/VC-TCXO/VCO/OCXO, Crystal/SAW/Ceramic Filters & Resonators, R.T.C./Dielectric GPS patch antennas/Filters/Resonators.  SPKs communication products include Antenna & Module for GPS+GSM/GPRS/Wifi/Glonass/BT, GPS receivers Engine board, GPS Tracker, GPS Handheld, AVL.   SPK has been a competitive OEM/ODM supplier of Touch Panel screens, LCD connectors and cable assemblies, LEDs, Relays, Switches, Buzzers (Transducers), Condenser Microphone units, Ceramic Surge Arresters, Capacitors, LCD Controllers, ICs, and other products.

Their commitment to quality and innovation have earned them an excellent reputation worldwide.

They pride themselves in their comprehensive product offerings, superior quality and technical expertise.


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