LS Mtron’s vision is to “Be the ONE* Outstanding People, Best-in-Class Product, Winning Partnerships”.

LS Mtron embarked on the connector business in 1985 through a technical alliance, and currently is concentrating on connectors for cell phones and FPDs.
The company produces various connectors including board-to-board, micro USB and FPC.  Also, LS Mtron is developing the interiors and exteriors of cell phones and mobile wireless devices, or chip antennas, and delivering the best-performing mobile products, which are becoming ever smaller and multi-functional.

LS Mtron is strengthening the competitiveness of its connector portfolio with narrow, fine-pitch and ultra-low-emission products based on its own product design technology, mold/injection molding systems/press technology, and automated assembly technology.  The antennas LS Mtron makes are applied to the interior/exterior of cell phones and mobile wireless devices, and optimized to various types of terminals.  And to prepare for the future, LS Mtron has secured key infrastructure technologies such high-speed transmission and quick charging.

Product Line