T-Global’s thermoelectric cooling chips actively cool, mainly using the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials.  When direct current passes through two different semiconductor materials in series, the two ends of the couple can absorb heat and release heat respectively, which can accurately control the temperature and achieve the purpose of refrigeration or cooling.

Key Features:

  • Small bulk & light weight
  • Vibration-free & noise-free
  • High reliability
  • High strength for rugged environments
  • Precise temperature control
  • RoHs and Reach compliant
  • Bespoke designs available


Due to the precise temperature control ability of TEC, it’s widely used in industrial and scientific application which is in need of thermal cycling control, like medical equipment, freezers, drinking fountains, military petroleum instruments and experimental scientific instruments, wearables, etc.

In the semiconductor industry, TEC is also widely being applied to control the temperature during semiconductor IC manufacturing process.