The Sanyo-Cap SG Series is a Soft Termination type SMD MLCC Capacitor, ideal for applications where the component or PCB may come into periods of flex, or other stress issues.

An extra polymer-CU layer added inside of the terminal electrodes allows the capacitor to be more flexible and to resist bending stress, and in so doing, avoid cracks caused by bending.  A side benefit is that the parts are better able to avoid high bending stress that parts are sometimes subjected to in SMT lines.  The parts offer more robust and reliable performance in a wide variety of applications.

The SG Series is available in X7R values ranging from 100ufd to 1uF, with rated voltages from 6.3V to 3000V in a range of body sizes from 0603 through 1206.

These soft termination capacitors are ideal for use in many automotive applications as well as power supply, the lighting industry and other mechanical stress concerned products.