S-P International announces a newly revised addition to it’s SANNOHM resistor line, the MG Series Metal Glazed Resistor. The MG series is available in both silicone resin (flameproof) and epoxy resin (flame retardant) versions in wattage of 1/4W through 3W in regular and mini-body sizes. High pulse loading capability and higher working voltages (up to 7KV) make the MG series the ideal resistor for your HV applications.

A wide resistance range of 1K through to 10G ohms allows for a greater range of applications. Tolerances of both 5% and 1% are available. Standard T&R packaging are in quantities of 1,000, 2,000, 2500 and 5000 pieces depending on wattage.

For more information contact S-P International at info@s-pintl.com.