Encore Can Track Just About Anything

Locate, monitor and protect your assets with the next generation of Encore: the battery-powered GPS revolutionizing the industry.

Whether you want to track vehicle assets, construction equipment, trailers, powersports, medical equipment, RVs, or something else, Encore can track just about anything.

Transform your fleet management, inventory management, and asset tracking with our best-in-class wireless GPS device.


  • Self-Powered: Encore is completely self-powered without the need for ancillary power from a vehicle, external battery, or charger.
  • Wireless: Wireless, as in No Wires. Encore is completely self-contained without installation or communication wires needed.
  • No Installation Required: Put Encore in the glove box, console or in a discrete location within the vehicle without any vehicle installation required.
  • Portable: Small, lightweight and with no installation required, Encore is our most portable device ever.
  • Simple Activation Process: Activate the device when you’re ready to use it with an easy-to-use, Encore activation process. Flip the switch, cover with the cap, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Flexible Power Modes: Multiple Power Modes offer flexibility for you to get the functionality and battery life that fits your needs.
  • Advanced Lithium Metal Battery Technology: Encore includes some of the most advanced battery technology available on the market to give you the small form factor you want with battery life you need.