The Techflex® High Temperature category is designed to withstand high temperature environments, providing thermal protection in wire harnesses, engine manifolds, exhaust systems, fuel lines, industrial hose applications, welding and automotive applications, heaters, resistors, spark plug wiring, civilian and military aircraft and other environments where temperatures soar.

State-of-the-Art, High-Temp Material Engineering for Extreme Temperatures, comes in the following categories:

  • FireFlex® – Totally non-conductive, won’t melt, delaminate, or combust.  Fiberglass/silicone sleeving is engineered to protect hoses, cables and wire harnesses from damage due to exposure to extreme heat, open flame, molten splash and welding sparks. The thick, high temperature fiberglass sleeve is jacketed with a non-permeable, heavy silicone coating that is flexible enough to follow tight radius curves, resists all automotive chemicals and solvents, and provides a substantial level of abrasion and puncture protection.
  • Insultherm® – Designed with integrated ribs that provide equipment with a built-in buffer against heat and abrasion, its fiberglass cord braided into the sleeving allows for expansion and more abrasion protection.
  • ThermaShield® The aluminum skin and insulation layers are a hybrid system that combat both radiant and convective heat.
  • Weld Wrap® – Braided from silica yarns rather than fiberglass.  The heavy duty hook and loop closure ensures a tight seal, and allows Weld Wrap® to be installed easily over existing assemblies.  Provides a high level of abrasion and penetration protection to increase the useful life of any hoses exposed to rough or abrasive surfaces.
  • Volcano® The basalt fibre provides an attractive & durable finish plus temperature protection up to 1,500 degrees F.
  • Dragon® Made to withstand unbelievable temperatures.  Lightweight flame retardant sleeving, resistant to sparks.
  • Flexo® Silica – Enhanced thermal protection up to 1,800 degrees F.  Ideal for protection of delicate components and personnel from exposure to high temperature exhausts and pipes.  Cuts easily with scissors.