Kingfont has invented a new and promising class of connector mating technology named “PowerSpeed”, which has proven to reduce 6.4mm copper mated pair’s electrical resistance by 66% and temperature-rise by 45% when contrasted with the biggest competition in the field.  Characteristic of its patented design of the mating part and the corresponding design of the mated female socket, PowerSpeed Contact Technology provides simple but powerful contact solution that can serve as one of the most essential technology for connectors’ research and development.

While direct contact of pin and socket has only a few contact points, indirect contact with a mating part was designed to increase contact area and thus improve electrical conductivity.   Instead of using conventional mating part, PowerSpeed Contact Technology features its patented, spiral-shaped mating part that promises to maximize contact area to the degree of “plane contact”, making it a total game changer.

As PowerSpeed Contact Technology is a brand-new contact technology currently evolving in development, rather than one single product, PowerSpeed is so simple and powerful that it can be developed to replace any circular connectors nowadays, with far better current capability and temperature performance.  Updates on a 5G connector kit coming soon!

PowerSpeed 6.4mm Pin-and-Socket Metal Connector

PowerSpeed Patented Mating Part