Piher, founded in 1950 in Barcelona, Spain, is a specialist manufacturer of standard and custom controls and sensor solutions, also specialising in contactless technologies and with an outstanding track-record in electronic components in automotive, off-road, aerospace, industrial, marine and appliance sectors.

With over 60 years perfecting product design, automation and process stability for bespoke and standard sensors and controls, Piher is a company with a heritage you can trust.

Piher Sensing Systems is a leading innovator in advanced position sensing technologies that enable clients to accurately measure and control rotational and linear movements.  They develop, manufacture and market custom and standard position sensors and controls that provide valuable real-time data needed to efficiently drive today’s vehicles, products and machinery.

Their product portfolio comprises contact-less (Hall-Effect and Inductive Position Sensors) as well as contacting technologies (Potentiometers and Printed Electronics) and is enhanced by their ability to give customers a technological and competitive advantage by developing and customizing products to their requirements.   Their value-added services range from prototyping and custom development to supply chain facilitation through the mounting of sub-assemblies.

Piher strives to be a global leader leader by providing by continued investment in the product line and increased focus on innovative HMI human–machine interface solutions.

With the corporative back up of the multi-million dollar USA based Amphenol Corporation (founded in 1932), with more than 70,000 employees worldwide, their guarantee is not only that of an uncompromising attitude towards achieving technological and service leadership, but also one of solid financial strength and stability thus ensuring efficient, low cost production, product innovation and continuity of investment in long-term research and development programmes.  Amphenol is spread across more than 30 countries in over 100 facilities.

The pursuit of the most cost-effective total solution for each customer’s needs is firmly embedded within their business philosophy.

+ Configurable and customisable potentiometers catalogue.
+ Bespoke mechatronics.
+ Market-leading thick film carbon technology.
+ Innovative contact-less Hall effect solutions for rugged applications.
+ Rapid prototyping and production ramp-up.
+ Superior lead-times.
+ Serving global supply chains from production in Europe and Asia.
+ Worldwide customer support.

+Offering both standard and custom engineered solutions that provide high performance in harsh environmental applications.

Piher’s products are used in HVAC (Climate Control), Consumer Appliance, Industrial Controls, Automotive AFL (Adaptive Front Lighting), Off Highway Vehicle, Industrial / Instrumentation, Medical, Power Tool and hundreds of other human interface applications.  They help customers create break-through products across industry sectors, from medical to small appliance.

Product Range

Piher’s controls product range include the most advanced features in the market, such as:

  • Sizes: 6, 10, 15, 16, 18, 21mm and custom.
  • Mounting: SMD, through hole (vertical, horizontal).
  • Technology: carbon and cermet.
  • IP protection rating: IP54 (6 –15mm).
  • Tapers: linear, log, antilog, stepped, custom.
  • Mechanical rotation angle: stopper or endless rotation.
  • Detents: up to 51.
  • Electrical rotation angle: up to 360º.
  • Resistive values: up to 5M ohm.
  • Resistive tolerance: +/-30%, +/-20%.
  • Power rating: up to 0.5W.
  • Linearity: min 2.5%.
  • Working temperature: -40ºC to +120ºC.
  • Cut track, shafts, rotors, terminals.
  • Life: up to two million cycles.
  • Single or multiturn.
  • Leadfree reflow soldering (ask for double reflow potentiometers).

Additional features and optional extras: built-in switch, long life, non-flammable, low torque, cut track, crimped terminals, multiple wiper positions, gang, rotor and shaft colour and version selection, packaging (bulk, tape on reel, ammopack, magazine and embossed tape).

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing plant is established in the town of Tudela, which is located in Navarra Northern Spain.  The site of 44,000 square metres, consists of 14,000 square metres of manufacturing and office space and houses a work force of more than 250 people, 35 of which are fully dedicated to R&D.

They are experts in the manufacture of:

  • Carbon resistive pastes and its deposition on polyester, phenolic paper and plastic substrates
  • Thick film screen printing on ceramic and phenolic substrates
  • Metal stamping and plating
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Continuous over-moulding injection
  • Manufacturing process automation


Solutions to Customers Needs & Customer Commitment
Their technology, creativity and production capacity enable them to develop, innovative cost effective and highly reliable solutions to resolve their customers requirements.  The largest automotive, appliance, multimedia and industrial manufacturers rely on Piher for their custom made sensor & control solutions because they know that only Piher can meet their quality/price requirements.

Their established catalogue of six to twenty one millimetres rotary position sensors and controls can be customised and configured to any needs.  In addition, they will design and manufacture any control or sensor solution in any size based on their tried-and-tested technology and processes.

Efficient Production & Delivery
Reliable delivery
Short lead-times

Market Sensitivity
Their long term success is due to their ability to listen to, pre-empt and respond quickly to market trends and requirements.

Serving the following markets:

  • Aerospace sensors and controls.
  • Appliances and consumer controls.
  • Automotive including electrical vehicles sensors.
  • Industrial sensors and controls.
  • Transportation, mining and construction vehicles sensors.
  • Agricultural and material handling sensors.
  • Medical sensors and controls.
  • Automation and robotics sensors and controls.
  • Test and measurement sensors and controls.

Worldwide Distribution Network
Presence in more than 40 countries

Worldwide Technical Support
The PIHER name also offers the security, that there will be international technical support available, to help convert customer product ideas into reality.

In-House On-Going Training Programs
They maintain a permanent employee development and training program to strengthen and reinforce the constant product innovation and quality standard requirements of their customers.