Teapo Electronic Corporation, established in 1978, is widely known as the earliest and most up to scale capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan with technologies that match Japan, the world leading capacitor technology country. Teapo has been committed to process improvement, cost down, quality improvement and has accomplished making Teapo a world renowned professional capacitor manufacturer. Teapo is the first IECQ approved factory, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, and their products are RoHS and REACH qualified. Teapo’s products are sold to over 60 different countries all over the world and have met the standards of each area.  Teapo always puts “Quality First” as their goal and are dedicated to providing excellent products and customer service.

Company Timelines:

1978 Founded Teapo Electronic Corporation dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing electronic components.

2005 Merged Lexon Electronics Corporation (G-Luxon) with Teapo

2016 Largest shareholder of Kaimei Electronic Corp (Jamicon)

2019 Integrated with Kaiemei Electronic Corp (Jamicon)

Company Overview

Kaimei Electronics Corp. was founded in 1978, as a leading manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and motor fans in the industry. The Kaimei Group has successfully grown through acquisition and integration, offering high value-added products and services across different industry segments in over 60 countries. It continuously makes investments in capabilities of product development, manufacturing and marketing while developing deep domain knowledge in the segments it operates. The integration of the two companies, Teapo Electronic and Kaimei Electronic, was successfully completed in September 2019, which also accelerated businesses growth. The company will strive for excellence with its continuous business expansion and strengthening core competencies toward the goal of being the leading key-component supplier in the industry.

Business Philosophy

“With the business philosophy of ‘Robust, Focus and Cultivation”, we’ve been deeply plowing in the industry from product design & development till mass production, offering satisfactory services to our customers. Align with the technology trend and cooperation with global partners, Kaimei Group is poised to extend our business scale and will continuously develop higher-value-added products, committed to be our customers’ best reliable partner.”

Environmental Policies

Corporate Vision

“Under the business philosophy of “Robust, Focus and Cultivation”, we will become a trustworthy provider in technology and manufacturing ability for our customers, with excellent product and service quality, enterprise with long term and reliable workplace for our employees. With the professional and operational ability of our excellent management teams, couple with complete product lines and flexible supply chain strategies, we will continuously strive for the goal of the group’s sustainable business growth.”