Featured Product : PIHER Hall-Effect Speed Sensor

Piher's flange mount gear tooth speed sensors have been designed to precisely calculate the speed and direction in demanding environments (such as vehicle’s transmission).Custom product design packaging can be easily provided to meet any form, fit, and function including the choice of wire harness and interface connector.Features and benefitsSpeed and direction feedbackWide operating temperature [...]

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Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

S-P International certifies that none of the raw materials used to manufacture our products, nor the finished products themselves, come from or have any connection with, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.  All products supplied by S-P International are in full compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Read our full policy [...]

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Featured Product : PIHER Contactless Through-Shaft Sensors PST-360 & MTS-360

Click to Download Datasheet for PST-360 Click to Download Datasheet for MTS-360 PST-360 contactless position/angle sensor combines a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in an extremely thin package. The angle sensor PST-360 is used for measuring angles between 30° and 360°. Key features include through hole sensing [...]

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Featured Manufacturer – PIHER

Piher, founded in 1950 in Barcelona, Spain, is a specialist manufacturer of standard and custom controls and sensor solutions, also specialising in contactless technologies and with an outstanding track-record in electronic components in automotive, off-road, aerospace, industrial, marine and appliance sectors. With over 60 years perfecting product design, automation and process stability for [...]

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AZSR131 relays from Zettler for use in E-mobility wallbox charger. Application Spotlight: Global plug-in electric vehicles sales are projected to reach 12 million units in 2025, and 21 million in 2030. This positive trend is also evident in associated sales of charging infrastructure solutions.  In particular, wall charging stations – so-called “wallboxes” – [...]

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Featured Product : AMERICAN ZETTLER AZSR143 – 50amp POWER RELAY

A 50A power relay for solar / EV charging applications with a very small footprint. The demand for switching higher currents and higher voltages on increasingly smaller footprint continues to grow, especially in Solar and EV charging applications.   ZETTLER is following this trend by introducing its newest type of “New Energy” relays, the [...]

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