Xbatt Energy Technology Co. Ltd, specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of Xbatt brand lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.  Xbatt takes the service tenet of “integrity, enterprising morality, practicality, creativity,  & entrepreneurial spirit” seriously.  Using state of the art technology, the most advanced production equipment and testing instruments, they are able to ensure batteries that are long in service, with sufficient capacity, good electric conductivity, low self-discharge, wide operating temperature ranges, safe and reliable.  After years of innovation, Xbatt has become a well-known brand in the battery arena.

Website:  www.szxbatt.com

Product Line

  • Lead Acid Battery

    • VRLA
    • Gel
    • Deep Cycle
    • Long Life
    • Front Access
    • High Rate Discharge
  • Lithium Battery

    • Lithium Battery Cell
    • Polymer Battery
    • LiFePO4 VRLA Battery Replacement Battery