From design and tooling to warehouse, SP International has all of the necessary resources to decrease the costs of plastic moulding requirements. Our partnership with world class suppliers for tool components, production equipment and raw material, ensures we can facilitate every stage of any custom project.

Our partnership with our offshore supplier base and our Canadian based warehousing facilities allows us to address all of our clients needs. From tooling, manufacturing, and inventory; we have the resources to help.

Whether it is a basic housing module, or a custom item specific to your application, SP International is here to make the necessary inventory commitment to service your JIT requirements.


SP International can supply a wide variety of custom cables to meet your specific project requirements. Whether it is a simple length of pre-cut wire, flat cable, ribbon cable or a multiple wire type cable, let SP International quote you on your next cable design.

Kingfont connectors will mate perfectly with your existing Molex, Tyco\Amp, Samtec, etc, connectors. All products are fully RoHS compliant.

With minimum orders starting at 1,000 pieces, SP International can supply you the inter-board cable you need, at very competitive pricing.


As our economy evolves into a more global and competitive market-place, outsourcing is becoming more of a reality than an option. Over the past ten years, we have seen an increase in our customer’s desire to establish off-shore contract manufacturing for their cost sensitive products. By aligning ourselves with excellent business partner overseas we have been able to facilitate this transition if local manufacturing is no longer a viable option.

We partner with state of the art manufacturers that have a worldwide reputation of providing consistent quality, quick response and extremely competitive rates. They have the latest in SMT technology and have implemented the SAP, ERP, and Toyota Lean Manufacturing Process, to ensure quality control and maximum productivity.