Featured Product : PIHER PST- 360 Contactless Sensor

The PST-360 through / hollow shaft position sensors combines three critical design features: 1) through hole where the shaft passes through the sensor 2) high accuracy absolute position feedback over up to 360° 3) a true non-contacting sensing element. Piher’s design does not rely on gears or other rotating parts. This innovative and [...]

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Featured Product : SANYO-CAP S3 Series – X2-Y3 SMD

S-P International's extensive line of SANYO-CAP SMD ceramic capacitors includes the S3 Series which are X2-Y3 safety certified SMD ceramic capacitors available in both 1808 and 1812 package sizes. The S3 Series is cULus and TUV approved.  Value range is from 3.9pF to 1,000pF in NPO material and 150pF to 5,600pF in X7R [...]

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Featured Product : SANNOHM MG Series Metal Glazed Resistor

S-P International announces a newly revised addition to it’s SANNOHM resistor line, the MG Series Metal Glazed Resistor. The MG series is available in both silicone resin (flameproof) and epoxy resin (flame retardant) versions in wattage of 1/4W through 3W in regular and mini-body sizes. High pulse loading capability and higher working voltages [...]

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Featured Product : ROCKTECH 4.3″ TFT Display

4.3" TFT LCD module, 480 x 272 resolution, high brightness RGB interface Size: 4.3" Resolution: 480 x 272 AA: 95.04 x 53.86mm Outline size: 105.5 x 67.2 x 2.9mm Interface: RGB Brightness: 500 nits Contrast: 500:1 Viewing angle: 70/60/70/70° Backlight: LED Touch panel: optional High brightness, competitive price and good quality Please contact [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at SP International! We wish you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity in 2017. Please note our offices will be closed from noon on December 23rd and we will reopen on January 3rd. Happy New Year!  

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New Product Release: CONEC SUPERCON – Hybrid Connector

Save on costs and installation space with hybrid connector technology.  Reduce the time and high costs for cabling, maintenance, and diagnostics for conventional wiring of motors, servo-drives or linear units/drives. With the new CONEC SuperCon series, a compact hybrid connector system has been developed, combining power supply and data transmission in one single [...]

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New Product Release: ITALTRONIC CBOX – Dark Grey

The Italtronic CBox series of cases are designed for use in fitting new designs into type 503 wall mounting electrical boxes.   They are ideal for a wide assortment of low voltage applications from household automation controllers, network applications, audio control boxes, thermostat sensors, alarm systems etc. The CBox uses a simple mechanical interface [...]

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