RK-Android-A20-XX is a HMI board designed for customer’s convenience running their products under an Android control unit.  It supports RS232/RS485 interface with customer’s MCU, by sending commands via RS232/RS485 interface from customized APP.

RK-Android-A20 series works based on an Android 4.2 operating system, uses Allwinner A20 SOC with 1.0 GHZ frequency, integrated 1 GB memory, supporting video playing, image viewing, HDMI/VGA/Audio/LVDS/RGB signal output, RS232/RS485/ Ethernet /Wifi/3G/Bluetooth/USB interface etc.

Other Android system boards based on Allwinner SOC A23 are supported including our P/N RK-Android-A33 series (lower cost) and our P/N RK-Android-H8-01 HMI board (higher ability).

Standard and total customization available, including hardware design and tooling, software, and system logging processes.