New Product Release: PIHER N-6 – 6MM Carbon Potentiometer

The N-6 is a 6mm potentiometer that is able to withstand the RoHS reflow soldering process.  The overmoulding technology provides excellent performance and a robust design.  Highlights of the N6 Series are: RoHS compliant reflowable, fully RoHS and REACH compliant, carbon resistive element, polyester substrate, overmoulding manufacturing technique, available in bulk or on [...]

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New Product Release: SANNOHM STR35 SMD Power Resistor

The STR35 is a 35 watt (at 25°C) Power SMD Resistor in a TO-263 style power package. It has a molded case for protection and the resistor is electrically isolated from the attached metal tab. With an operating voltage of 500v max and a dielectric strength of 2000vAC, the STR35 SMD Power Resistor [...]

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Welcome to SP International

Our Mission is to provide business solutions in any stage of product development, from concept to production to distribution. Our mission is simple: we want to be the best and most versatile company you do business with.

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